What You Should Know About Braces

What You Should Know About Braces
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Why Do We Need To Use Braces?

Dentists and orthodontists generally recommend using braces for all of the problems that may or may not occur to patients. Of course, braces treatment is an extremely important form of treatment in the case of dental disorders, distortions and other dental disorders.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is tooth extraction, braces and sometimes jaw operation in order to protect oral and dental health with the help of a dentist.

Does Pain Happen When Braces Are Worn?

During braces treatment, you will never feel any pain when wearing braces. The bracing process takes about 30-40 minutes. During this process, you will not feel any pain at any time during the treatment. You may feel a little strange as you are not used to carrying metal brackets in your mouth for a few days after braces treatment, but we are sure that you will get over this in a short time.

How To Install Braces?

As a first step, if there is caries in the mouth, they are cleaned. If there are teeth that need to be pulled, the shooting takes place. After all this happens, the physician takes you to the dentist’s chair and places an object in your mouth, which ensures that your mouth is not closed during the braces treatment process. This object does not pinch, tighten or apply pressure to your lips or any part of your mouth. So you will not feel any pain for this object. Then the upper part of your mouth is sanded. Dental pieces like sand grains come to your mouth and glue is applied on it. Then their brackets (metal parts) are placed on the teeth. Afterwards, the part that protrudes from the adhesive between the brackets and the tooth is scraped. The process of scratching is done very carefully by physicians. No damage to your teeth. A U-shaped wire is then passed through the brackets, carefully passing through each of the brackets. At the last stage, the tires are mounted and the process is completed so that the brackets do not come off the seat.

Is Tooth Extraction Necessary For Braces Treatment?

This situation varies from patient to patient. Sometimes there may not be enough room on the chin to start braces. In this case, tooth extraction method can be used in order to be able to place the appropriate location. During your visit to the exam, your doctor will give you information on whether tooth extraction is needed.

How Do You Feel Braces in Your Mouth?

After the braces treatment is completed, you may think that you carry a metal piece on your teeth. During the first week after treatment, you may feel some sensitivity and bitterness may occur in the tooth. But don’t worry. This process will not exceed 1 week. Your doctor may give you certain pain medications in these situations. However, after the orthodontic treatment, the discomfort and pain accompanying it are short-lived and easily resolved. The patient may even forget that he has braces in his mouth after getting used to the braces.

Are there things that should not be eaten?

Braces are sensitive. We cannot say that it is not strong, but it is best for everyone to stay away from some food in order not to risk their structure. Acid drinks, solid, sticky or very sugary foods can damage teeth or braces. The patient should stay away from these during the braces.

Can Adults Receive Orthodontic Treatment?

Most of today’s orthodontic treatments are adults. However, if there is a problem with the skeleton such as a jaw problem or a closure disorder, you may need to undergo a pre-treatment operation. But if you only have a dental impairment, only orthodontic treatment will be sufficient. Health, self-esteem and happiness are highly important for adults. Nobody is too old for braces.

How Many Types of Braces Are There?

Porcelain braces can be a solution for patients who do not look at the metal bracket. There are also varieties such as ceramic braces and metal braces. Although metal braces are generally very clear in the image, their durability and speed of treatment are more preferred.

Do Braces Cause Caries?

Braces never cause bruises. This is all about how much the patient pays attention to braces hygiene. If the patient does not properly clean the braces, then bacteria and food debris can accumulate between the brackets (metal bins on each tooth) and the teeth. These bacteria and leftovers cause tooth decay. So, we say that no patient paying attention to braces hygiene will face a bruise problem after treatment.

How Often Do I Have To Check In?

The frequency of appointments generally varies according to the condition of the patients. With an average frequency of 4 to 8 weeks, the patient is called by the clinic and taken for control. In case of severe pain, braces and certain problems, the appointment processes can vary.

Will There Be A Trace Of The Bracket After Teeth?

After the braces have been removed, the teeth want to return to their original order. The reason for this is that the order of your teeth is disturbed for a long time and the body knows that order correctly. But don’t worry. Certain tools are available to keep your teeth in the current position. The orthodontic formation called Aparey prevents your teeth from returning to their former state. However, if these appliances are not used in the periods recommended by your physician, the order that your teeth take in the treatment of braces may return to their original state.

How long should the braces stay in the mouth?

This situation varies from patient to patient. The duration of treatment can vary from 8 months to 30 months depending on the situation. However, a patient’s braces take an average of 18-24 months.

Do Braces Change Your Speech?

Braces do not hinder you in any way. Small changes in certain letters may be felt in your speech only during the 1-2 weeks of getting used to the braces. However, most people will not even know about it.

What’s the Difference Between Invisible Braces and Metal Braces?

The first thing he thinks about after the health of the patient who will wear a braces is how the braces will affect his social and private life. If we consider that some patients make money especially with their physique (see: models), transparent braces are our patients who will want this. The phenomenon of invisible braces is the placement of the normal braces, that is, the side of the teeth facing towards the throat part, as opposed to the treatment that is visible from the outside. These braces are not visible from the outside. If we look at the price differences, it is clear that transparent braces are slightly higher than metal braces.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Expensive?

The cost of orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient. After the requests and needs of the patient are transferred to the physician, the physician gives a price to the patient. Although we cannot say a clear price, if we want to give a price range, there is a price change between 3500 Euro and 8000 Euro depending on the situation and demand. However, if you want a price based on your problem and disorder without leaving your home, you can visit Alpdent’s new Braces Price Calculation page by clicking here.


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