What is Orthodontics in Dentistry?

What is Orthodontics in Dentistry?
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What is orthodontics 🙂 My time is too short, if what I would write was limited to three words,
if the sleeping brother extended his hand too; The title of this article could have been “What Is Orthodontics“.
What I will tell is not to orthodontists who have completed an orthodontics doctorate after the Faculty of Dentistry;
For those who are far from the subject but would like to be informed about this subject, a magical world
summary of the amateurish summary of the accumulation without going into the techniques.

Orthodontics; the branch of dentistry dealing with problematic tooth alignments, jaw bite; beautiful
(and very beautiful) art.
Orthodontists, in addition to their knowledge of the book, with their understanding of aesthetics, add to their wire cranes like a sculptor and a painter.

How often do orthodontists work?

They try to give proper tooth alignment, jaw functions and a beautiful facial expression to be carried throughout life.
A warm smile makes sense with healthy teeth behind it. Beautiful hair, beautiful eyes,
with one smile he can lose all his magic. Crooked canines, even a ‘I love you’ brutally can grind.

The proper alignment of the teeth is made by orthodontists to small brackets and braces that are attached to the teeth.
It is obtained by the forces applied by the attached smart wires.
The wires are the rail, the brackets are the wagon, the teeth are the passenger. Ideally, these braces for a short time or even without wearing them.

is to get the proper sequence. For this, with the controls to be made from a young age, your teeth will be
efforts are made to come out.

What is the role of an orthodontist?

While the teeth are still extracting, precautions should be taken for them to be in the ideal position. This is in place in later years.
It is much easier and permanent than correcting unerupted teeth with braces. Early checks, disrupting tooth alignment.

It is also important in terms of intervention to factors and wrong habits. The factors that disrupt the tooth alignment, especially heredity.

Early milk tooth loss, swallowing and respiratory functions, finger sucking, tongue
There may be negative habits, such as repulsion, that combating these habits can control a person’s blink reflex
it is as difficult to change as it can. This struggle is with simple prostheses that will not poison the child’s life.

What is an Orthodontist And What Do They Do?

On the one hand, in order to remain in the mouth until the normal falling time and not to close its place, decayed milk teeth Canal treatments are performed on the filling line, while avoiding their shots,
sometimes intact milk teeth, orienting the permanent tooth coming from below with the analysis of orthodontists
In order to be taken before the fall time comes.

Curvatures in the teeth can be corrected with wires until old age, unless there is an unhealthy condition in the surrounding tissues.

Intercity travels of teeth in adults can take place more slowly and at shorter distances. Adult
In addition to aesthetics, the purpose of orthodontics is the interface in teeth that are difficult to clean due to tightness.

It is to prevent caries, stone accumulation, gum disease and related tooth loss.
The defect is not in the order of the teeth, but in the relationship of the jaws with each other and the skull.
when it does, this is a situation that needs to be addressed before puberty; otherwise surgery
applications can be activated. Surgical applications should not be a method that is used generously.

In cases where the teeth cannot fit, it can be removed from the healthy teeth to make room, but this last
should be preferred. In my opinion, keeping the teeth slightly curved can be achieved with solid tooth extraction, which will be very necessary in old age.
is better than beauty to be.

Are orthodontists happy?

Some treatments can be worse than the disease. In limit cases in terms of space constraints, staying within enamel
Space can be made by abrasions. Even if it is limited, the abrasions to be made from the teeth to provide space
harmful to enamel; It can make the tooth more prone to decay. But more prone to rot, maybe even later
I believe that a candidate for filling is better than a tooth that is not at all.
You will see those who have had some nose surgery and whose new noses do not match the scale of their faces.

Aesthetic his understanding should not have come off the lathe and fall too far from its natural character. Each tooth alignment finger printas different, it is unique to itself. In the new targeted lineup, ingenuity, face shape, profile, gender and even character should not be ignored. A LIGHT CROWN, lined up like a soldier, looking like an exaggerated porcelain prosthesis may be more aesthetic than teeth.

Orthodontics & Orthodontic Treatment

Straightening the teeth of the children, while forcing the skeletal structures; large head located outside the mouth
devices may also be needed. But the treatment should not be more severe than the disease. In some special cases, “leave it too
You stay like that ”; prefer a very heavy treatment to a treatment that will ruin the child’s psychology
can be.

In the past, steel rings were attached to individual teeth before braces were attached to teeth – this
it was really both a Chinese torture and a severe hygiene problem. The tiny braces installed in our time
They take up less space, are easy to clean, and they do not cause any pain during application. Actually orthodontic
Except for mild tenderness in the first days,
can not be mentioned.

There is also a false belief that wires rot the teeth. Wires, braces do not rot teeth; only
They create an environment where food residues are more attached. Food leftovers, the same rotten on the cordless mouths creates the risk. In orthodontic treatments, a careful brushing is essential as it should be for life.
Their immaculate mouths, even if they are wire, can wait for an arm like a nail in the cupboard, provided they do not exaggerate.

Is orthodontics a good career?

To maintain the beauty achieved in orthodontic treatments, as in all areas of life, to achieve the least
requires much labor. Teeth that cannot be preserved in their new positions for sufficient time are
They set out on foot.

While it was once a shame to walk around with braces on teeth, now the wire Tom on its walls
Young people with cruise, artists like Britney Spears, posters of singers, colorful tires, transparent plaques
is a very common situation among.

Technology wonder, tiny brackets, a product of space exploration
With titanium alloys, no one has such little t-hands, not even rain.
My last word is to those who brood on their choice of profession;
If you like both physics, biology, health, art and psychology equally and say “all”,
Making funny conversations while working, sharing innocent secrets,

If you want to always share your life with young people and future owners and stay young forever,
to repeat my neighborhood’s beautiful dentist Shazza suggestion to me years ago, when I was at this stage
I want:
do not think twice – everything is fine,
first be a dentist and then an orthodontist.


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