The Most Suitable Things To Eat With Braces

The Most Suitable Things To Eat With Braces
Posted on 8 October 2018, 3.043 views.

Suitable Things To Eat With Braces

What are the best things to eat with braces? An orthodontic treatment with braces usually take a long time and requires a great deal of attention. Choosing the right foods is essential for both the appearance of the braces and their durability. 

Brace-Friendly Foods

Soup (unless it is too hot) will be your number one choice when you are wearing braces. It requires no biting and minimal chewing, therefore making it the best thing to eat with braces. Other choices are mainly soft foods. You can eat mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables or beans as vegetables. When it comes to fruits, it is more difficult to choose because most of them requires biting and they are hard. You can consume them as applesauce, smoothies or juice. The best choice of fruit is a banana because it is soft and biting it won’t harm your braces

Dairy is also suitable because they are usually soft and they are packed with proteins so you can get the nutrients you need even if you cannot eat everything you need. 

What To Cut Out Of Your Braces Diet ?

There are a lot of foods and drinks that are harmful to your braces. Most solid foods should be avoided or eaten in small pieces if you absolutely need to eat them. You do not need to cut them out of your diet necessarily, but you should not bite into some foods like apples, sandwiches or burgers. Biting has the risk of breaking the wire that holds your brackets together. Sticky foods like peanut butter should definitely be avoided because they will make it difficult to clean your braces. Drinks like coffee or tea will stain your brackets and your teeth therefor leaving a mark after you have your braces taken off.

The best things to eat with braces are soft foods. They are the most unlikely to damage your teeth and they are plenty of delicious and healthy choices. 



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