Jaw Pain After Removing Braces

Jaw Pain After Removing Braces
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Ending your orthodontic treatment is an exciting situation. You now have the beautiful teeth that you have been longing for. Every person who had braces know that it is usually painful. Now the question is, will there be pain after removing braces? Thankfully, the answer is no.

Mouth Pain After Removing Braces

Before going to the dentist before getting your braces removed, make sure you have your teeth cleaned through. This will make the process easier and you do not want stains on your teeth after getting the brackets removed. Regular and proper cleaning prevents those stains.

To remove your braces, your orthodontist will first take off the wire and then the brackets. It takes less time than putting them on and it is not painful. You may just feel some pressure because some force is required to remove the brackets. There will be some cracking sounds but there is nothing to be concerned about. The main sensation that you will feel is some weirdness instead of pain.

Will There Be Pain After The Removal Of The Braces ?

Your mouth will definitely feel different but generally patients feel no pain after getting the braces off. It will take just a couple of days to adjust to your new, brace-free mouth. Your teeth will feel smoother and your bite will be altered. If there is cement from your brackets left on your teeth, you will have to visit your orthodontist to have them scraped off. Because they can feel sharp on your cheeks or your tongue. Besides that, there is no reason to except pain at all. Only a few patients can experience pain, but this happens when the braces are removed earlier than needed. However, if your treatment ended at the right time, you won’t experience any pain.

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