One Tooth Hurting While Wearing Braces

One Tooth Hurting While Wearing Braces
Posted on 21 September 2018, 2.509 views.

Toothache during orthodontic treatment is normal. However, the causes may differ. It can be because of tightening the braces or a cavity. But when one tooth hurts with braces, it can mean several things. 

Why One Tooth Hurts With Braces ?

Braces are for aligning the teeth using wires attached to brackets which are stuck to your teeth. Usually, they put pressure or pull multiple teeth. But sometimes, the braces might be put on for a single tooth alignment. If that is the case for you, a single tooth’s pain might be your main problem. If the pain is persistent, you should go see your orthodontist. Your orthodontist may give you some medication to relieve your pain.

If the pain starts after your visit to your orthodontist for him to adjust the braces, tightening might be the cause of your single tooth pain. That kind of pain is usually not permanent, it will probably go away in a few days. It is normal to feel pain and pressure after tightening the braces. If there is no cavity or decay around the tooth that hurts, the pain is likely to be caused by the braces.

Other Possible Causes

Your tooth pain may not be because of the braces you wear. If the pain does not go away in a few days after the brace adjustment, something else might be wrong. It can be because of a cavity or tooth decay. When this is the case, your dentist will want you to take an X-ray to determine the cause of the problem. If left untreated, cavities may lead to bigger problems and more painful dentist’s appointments.

Having a toothache can disturb your daily life. You should get it checked at your dentist or your orthodontist and treat it to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem that is harder to treat. 



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