How Long Will I Be in Braces?

How Long Will I Be in Braces?
Posted on 15 January 2019, 1.248 views.

The average length of use of dental wire is 18 – 24 months. In general, 24 months of ongoing treatment is finished.

Sometimes it Takes A Long Time.

1. Teeth are more likely to come out later.
2. If the patient does not have a control interval, that is, he / she should not be treated, but one of the biggest reasons that prolongs the treatment is that it is late because the teeth come from more distant places, but if everything goes steady, an orthodontic treatment ends normally within 18 months.

It is already out of the way that the treatment is finished and that the teeth are properly arranged. In addition, we do not need to pay attention to the outside, but they do not need to pay attention in the case of chewing, so that the closing of the relationship with the spouse is to check whether or not. If one continues, the teeth do not appear properly, the treatment continues for a while.



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