What Foods Are Good For Children With Braces?

What Foods Are Good For Children With Braces?
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Dental braces play an important role in orthodontic treatment for children and food for kids with braces. However, this treatment usually takes years and it is essential to protect the braces for them to work properly. The main concern is the food. Parents should plan their children’s diet with braces carefully. The food should not harm the braces, therefore they should not be hard, crusty, sticky or acidic. Families need to pay close attention to what their kids eat especially during the first weeks of the treatment. Some foods increase the chance to break the wires of the brackets, this applies for the whole treatment. Breaking the braces might prolong the treatment and the patient will have to go to the dentist for correction.

Meal Options Food For Kids With Braces

Some ideals foods are soups, soft cooked vegetables, and meatballs. Snacks like chips, pretzels, nuts, crackers are not suitable food for kids with braces. Hard bread, food which is hard to bite (like apples) are also not advisable. In order for the braces to work, eating healthy and proper food is crucial. Parents can offer their children soft foods as snacks when they crave.

Here Are Some Choices For Meals:

Oatmeal, eggs or yogurt for breakfast; sandwiches with soft bread, mashed potatoes or soft cooked vegetables for lunch; meatloaf, meatballs, pasta (cooked until soft) or beans are convenient. Ice cream, muffins, and cakes are fit for dessert. For children who love nuts, they can be eaten as spreads like peanut butter.

Other Important Points

Not only the type of food the kids eat is important, the other important thing is how they eat them. Food should be cut into smaller bite-sized pieces. Kids should not bite into hard foods such as apples or corn on the cob. Drinks which are too cold or too hot may be harmful as well. Acidic or sugary beverages will damage both the braces and the teeth. Plus, proper oral hygiene is vital. Some beverages such as tea or coffee might stain the teeth, this may come as a problem when the braces come off because the brackets will leave a mark.




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