Tricks For Easy Flossing With Braces

Tricks For Easy Flossing With Braces
Posted on 3 October 2018, 2.507 views.

The importance of flossing with braces

An essential part of cleaning the teeth is flossing and flossing with braces is a must. Braces prevent the toothbrush from reaching the inner parts of your teeth and the part between two teeth. So, despite being difficult, flossing is the way to keep your teeth clean and free of cavities.

How to floss with braces?

First, you should choose the right floss. The one you are using should be waxed so that it won’t get stuck between your teeth since there is a lot of metals and wires in your mouth that can damage the floss you are using. In order to clean thoroughly, thread the floss behind the wire but do not push the floss on the wire, you might break it. Using a mirror will come in handy. You should slide the floss between your teeth up and down. The floss will clean up the food remains and the invisible plaque that builds up on your teeth. Do this for every tooth.

If you do not want to damage your braces or your gums, floss slowly. If you pull hard and quick, the thread might get stuck or break the wire. There might be some bleeding if you have sensitive gums but it is normal.

Alternative types of flossing


Some dentists recommend water flossing. For that, you need a water floss (its other name is “oral irrigator”) that you can buy from your dentist. A water flosser shoots a thin stream of water to clean between the teeth and remove the food particles. Another alternative is dental tape which is like a floss but it is thin and wide. It is less painful than regular floss. A proxy brush may help you too. It is a small cylindrical brush but it is not a replacement for floss because it cannot clean between the teeth.

flossing braces

As you can see, flossing with braces is crucial in dental care and it takes little time to learn to do it properly.



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