First Day With Braces: Will There Be Pain?

First Day With Braces: Will There Be Pain?
Posted on 18 September 2018, 865 views.

When a person is getting braces, the thing that comes to his mind is the first day with braces pain. One might wonder if there will be pain during the first day with braces. Especially the first day with braces might be difficult because your teeth will need time to adjust to them. 

Will It Hurt During The Procedure?

Placing the braces generally do not cause pain. It may cause slight discomfort as it requires you to keep your mouth open for several hours and you may feel some pressure while the brackets are being placed on your teeth. However, placing the orthodontic wire can be a little painful. The pain caused by the wire may last up to a week. 

The First Day With Braces

 After getting the braces put on, you might feel uncomfortable for some time. To avoid extra pain, you need to make sure the brackets and the wire is placed properly on your teeth. You should inform your dentist about any problem you have before leaving the office. You should check the wire ends and the brackets to make sure they do not poke your cheeks or tongue. Before leaving the dentist’s office, do not forget to take dental wax. You can use it as a barrier between your braces and your cheeks if they hurt you. It will help you during your adjustment period.

During the first day, try to eat soft foods. Biting or chewing might cause you pain or even damage your braces. You can eat soup, boiled vegetables, yogurt, mashed potatoes or pudding. Beverages that are too cold or too hot will not be good for you. 

Pain on the first day with braces is inevitable, but as you can see there are things you can do to minimize it. You can even take some pain medication to help relieve your pain.



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