Best Celebrities With Braces: Before and After

Best Celebrities With Braces: Before and After
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Cristiano Ronaldo With Braces

celebrities with bracesSome of the famous smiles that we know are beautiful thanks to braces. Maybe the most famous of the all would be Angelina Jolie and Beyonce .The beautiful actress who is also known for her humanitarian work wore braces when she was a teenager. Emma Watson, who rose to fame when she starred in Harry Potter as Hermione Granger had undergone orthodontic treatment during her teenage years as well. The braces did their job pretty well!
     Angelina Jolie With Braces

celebrities with braces

           Emma Watson With Braces

celebrities with braces

           Harry Potter With Braces

harry potter with braces

There are also several celebrities with braces that wore them in the adulthood, not during the adolescence. 3 time Oscar nominated star Tom Cruise got braces when he turned 40. Faye Dunaway, who was one of the hottest actresses of the ‘70s decided to get braces on the age of 61. Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, the famous band of ‘90s, had braces too, in her statement she said that she could not afford them as a teenager, so she decided to have them as an adult. Another interesting example is Cristiano Ronaldo. Known as one of the best football players of all time, used braces to fix his crooked teeth and gummy smile. 

   Faye Dunaway With Braces

celebrities with braces

         Tom Cruise With Braces

Tom Cruise with Braces

Braces are often seen in children or teenagers, but there is no rule stating that you cannot get them when you are an adult or a celebrity! These celebrities with braces have all used orthodontic treatments as a part of their dashing looks. There is no shame in wanting perfect teeth and smile, as it is an important part of your face.

     Gwen Stefani With Braces

Gwen Stefani with braces



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