Best Way To Brush Your Teeth With Braces

Best Way To Brush Your Teeth With Braces
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Brush With A Fixed Clasp Bracket

I’il try to help you with brush braces. Hello everyone by the way. My English is not good. I think you’il understand that.

Careful brushing is very important because the brackets and protrusions of these braces easily hold a lot of dirt! The collected dirt is called plaque. The plaque gives after a short time decalcification spots in the enamel and inflammation (the red swelling and bleeding) of the gums. Descaling spots are ugly to see (color is white to brown) and can be a precursor of holes. That is why it is wise to brush your braces and teeth more than twice a day. (For example after every meal and at least 2 minutes per jaw!) You should use a soft toothbrush with a steel and a short brush head and toothpaste with fluoride. An electric toothbrush is also good. This allows you to clean the transition from your enamel (or braces) to your gums. Just at these spots by the gum line and every day a sticky layer of plaque. You can also rinse for one minute with a mouthwash before bedtime. After this, do not eat or drink anything anymore.

Brushing With A Rag

Keeping clean between the wire arches and the teeth is best done with a small brush (spiral brush) or a toothpick. These are available at supermarkets or drug stores.

When you have an appointment with us and you have not been able to brush at home or at school, you can always do this in our cleaning corner.

Eating With Locking Braces

A brace can break through tough, hard or sticky food: the thin wires can bend quite easily or the brackets can break off. So it is certainly wise to stay away from peanuts, nuts, nuts, toffees and crunchy baguettes as long as you have a brace. Hard things such as apples and baguette can be cut into small pieces, but better not to bite yourself. Soft fruit such as strawberries, bananas, grapes, mandarins, melon and oranges is always good. Be careful with cola and other soft drinks with sugar. These sugars cause dental plaque and that is harder to brush away with your braces in your mouth. Any remaining food remains can cause holes. That is why you have to brush thoroughly at least twice a day. Do not climb on your pen!


Sensible snacking is always good, so also if you wear a brace. Try to limit the use of sugar. Candy is not only harmful to the teeth, but also usually hard or sticky for the braces. It bends the wire and a bracket can come loose. So be careful! If there are often lumps with the braces, the treatment can take longer! Preferably choose sugar-free forms of sweets, preferably with the sweetener Xylitol. You can also leave liquorice, cheese, toffees and other sticky snacks.

Fizzy Drink

Drink it in moderation. Pay particular attention to the fact that ‘light’ variants are used because they do not contain sugar. The acidity of most soft drinks is unfavorable for tooth enamel. The acidity or PH value alone does not determine the degree of harmfulness, also the type of acid and other substances added to a lemonade are important. This makes it very difficult to give comprehensive advice. Preferably drink water, milk or tea (without sugar or with a sweetie). A light syrup that is very diluted is also less harmful than a regular soft drink or lemonade.



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