Best Food For Breakfast With Braces

Best Food For Breakfast With Braces
Posted on 14 September 2018, 1.114 views.

As many people say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when you have breakfast with braces, it can be hard to decide on what to eat for breakfast. Luckily, there are many soft, brace-friendly food options that can be served as breakfast. 

What I Can Eat On Breakfast With Braces ?

Now that you or your kid has braces, soft foods are your best friends. One of the healthiest options is scrambled eggs. They are mushy, not hard to chew and they can be seasoned according to your preference. You can put ketchup on them or spice them up with different flavors. They are protein packed foods, so you will both protect your braces and get the nutrients you need. The key to a brace-friendly breakfast is minimal chewing. Pancakes may not be healthy as scrambled eggs, but they are a nice option for breakfast with braces. You can also try smoothies, mixing up different fruits. A smoothie with different kinds of fruits or even vegetables will have a broad spectrum of vitamins your body needs, therefore it will count as a healthy breakfast. If you do not want an all-liquid breakfast, you can eat soft fruits in small bites. 

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What Can You Not Eat With Braces On Breakfast ?

Everyone loves cereals for breakfast but crunchy food may damage your braces. They can break the wire or a bracket. This applies to granola’s as well. Biting a solid food the wrong way may result in breaking your braces. Since this will require a visit to the dentist and slow down your treatment, try to avoid crunchy foods. Another types of food to avoid are chewy or sticky ones. Spreads like peanut butter are always preferred for breakfast but they can damage your braces. 

As you can see, breakfast with braces is not a tricky problem. You do not have to give up all the things you love, you can just transform them into foods that you are allowed to eat. 


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