How Long Will The Braces Hurt?

How Long Will The Braces Hurt?
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Despite all the advantages, getting braces might be scary. The biggest concern is the pain they cause. But exactly how long will the braces hurt? Unfortunately, the is no true answer to this question. Everyone has a different threshold of pain and every treatment is unique to the patient.

Getting The Braces Put On

The process of getting the braces put on is not painful. It usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. The patient may feel pressure or pinching, but it is a mild discomfort. During the first hours, pain will start along with soreness in the gums.

First Days After Getting The Braces Put On

The patient’s mouth will feel different, because getting used to the braces is a process. The inner cheeks might be sore, there can even be injuries from the brackets and the wire. Eating will not be comfortable because the patient’s teeth will hurt when biting or chewing. That’s why soft foods or soups are recommended during this period. The pain might increase if the patient needs to use rubber bands. Bands and the wire puts pressure on the teeth to slowly move them in the right direction. This pain can last up to a week.

The Rest Of The Treatment

Once the patient is used to the braces, the pain will decrease. Getting used to them may take a month. However, the braces need to get tightened about once a month. This is a regular part of the orthodontic treatment. It may be done once a month because as your teeth come to a straight position, the braces lose their effectiveness. Every time the braces are tightened, the teeth will be pressured and this pressure can cause pain and discomfort for a few days. Since an average treatment lasts for 3 to 4 years, the braces will hurt about once a month during this period of time. This answers the question of how long the braces hurt.


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