Can Fixed Braces Damage On Teeth?

Can Fixed Braces Damage On Teeth?
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The most common orthodontic treatment is dental braces and the most curious subject braces damage teeth? They are effective in general but they also have disadvantages and they can do long-term harm. While the risks are low, they should be taken into consideration. If braces are not taken care of properly, they are likely to damage the teeth.

The Possible Problems Braces Damage Teeth

There are several damages that can occur because of dental braces. Most of them occur during the treatment. Tooth decay or gum disease is the results of a lack of proper oral hygiene. The areas near the brackets and the wires are difficult to clean, that is why people with braces should brush their teeth and floss regularly.

Another problem is soft tissue injuries and canker sores. These injuries develop around the areas where the inner cheeks come in contact with the brackets and the wires. Your dentist can prescribe the right medicine for your pain and it can reduce the irritation caused by the braces. The braces might cause some root problems too.

The main concern is root resorption, which means the shortening of the roots. This mostly does not have a long-term effect however in some patients the roots may shorten by half. The longer the treatment lasts, the higher the chances are. Moreover, proper oral hygiene is a high priority. Lack of it might result in decalcification and cavities.

If plaques are not removed by flossing and brushing, white marks can develop on the teeth and cavities can form. Another trouble that can be caused by braces is ankylosis. It is a rare complication but it is a serious one. Ankylosis is the fusing of the tooth root to the jaw bone. When a tooth is fused to the bone, the braces cannot work properly because they cannot move the tooth in the right direction. Since the braces are for alignment, ankylosis disrupts the process.

After The End Of The Treatment

A complication that can occur after the treatment of relapses. This is considered as a consequence because it has a high risk of happening. The teeth move and shift after the braces are removed because there is nothing left to hold them in their places anymore. It can only be prevented by using retainers after the treatment has ended but even though the risk remains high.


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