What Color Band Should I Get On My Braces?

What Color Band Should I Get On My Braces?
Posted on 23 August 2018, 1.154 views.

If  you looking for band and asking what color band should I get on my braces? The best way to choose bands for your braces is to look at the color Wheel of your orthodontist. Ask to your friends or family and try to find out that which color is best for you. You can make a better choice by this kind of preview.

You should observe the tones on color Wheel that especially pastel tones would be better for your teeth more than dark colors. Light and pastel tones seem better on your teeth.

You can see the color compliance of braces and bands from internet. You can find the best braces colors that fit to you from websites. The colors that you would find from internet couldn’t be find at your orthodontist. There for you should make a brief research before choosing.

It’s possible to choose traditional and national colors for bands.

– or colors of flag of your country

-Colors of favorite sport teams

It’s better to choose colors that proper your natural skin tone. Colors proper to your skin and hair tone would make you have better look. Consider the colors which could work better together your natural hair or skin tone.

The colors of the bands would be depended on the person. But golden, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, soft blue, beige, pink or purple would give better look to ones who have dark skin and hair tones.
Person who have bright or burnt skin tone and light colored hair should prefer petroleum blue, caramel, bronze, salmon pink, khaki, bright red, bluish red, light green.

You can choose the color of bands according to dressing style. It will be good to choose suitable colors of bands to your dressings. You should also consider your future clothing.

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And some tips for your color of bands choosing:

  • Don’t care about the opinions of the others. These are your teeth and choosing of colors is relative. Choose whatever you wanted and not to bother what they said.
  • The most popular colors are purple and light blue. But if you want more colorful bands you can prefer pink – yellow or purple – green combination. Everything depends on your choice.
  • If it really difficult to decide the color of the bands try blue. It seem good for everyone.
  • The colors which reflect your style make you feel better. Choose the color which reflects your style.
  • And don’t forget to take more care to your oral health.


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