Best Braces Before And After – 2021

Before and after dental braces are very important for both patients and the orthodontist.

Orthodontist Dr. has the opportunity to evaluate his work for this situation. In the case of braces before and after, the patient debondes, after removing the conviction that something is perfect in his mouth, that is, he removes the strings.


However, sometimes evaluating it as a 2-dimensional photograph may give a different perspective.  It can reveal subtle details that are not noticeable at the first moment. It uses it to improve itself.

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Braces If there is a treatment based on the general rules of orthodontics, there will be no negative change in your speech after orthodontic treatment.

Very Rarely This Can Continue For a Long Time

Especially in the orthodontic treatments of adults whose upper teeth are bumped and whose lower jaw is behind, if the upper tooth is to be shot from the upper tooth brown, it will slide back slightly to your lips, although not directly to the teeth.

You will find that there is quite a difference in your teeth and mouth structure before and after braces.

Let the change you will see before and after your teeth make you the most beautiful smile.

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